Friday, July 24, 2009


Well alot has happened since my last post. I really need to keep up better with the blog! Last week was the Rockbridge Co Fair and I showed in the fleece show. I won Grand and Reserve with my fleeces and won 2 Firsts and a Second with my yarn. I also did spinning and shearing demos. It was a busy last week. Well this week I had Amanda help me with saddle fitting for Seven. I had gotton two different pads and wanted to see if they would make a difference. Well we played "dress up" with Seven until dark and he was pretty patient with us climbing on and off of him. My english saddle seems to fit the best but we have to pad it up at the front pretty well. If not you feel as if you are tipping forward when you ride. I also have another saddle to try too. Seven decided he wanted a break and it had rained the night we were playing with him so the next day he was all muddy!! He seemed to say "you won't be playing dress up with me tonite!" He was right but I had to meet with a nice lady for spinning lessons so he got his "day off!" Angie lives close to me and I met her thru email and then at the fair and she asked if I would give her some spinning lessons. She is a natural!! I hope to find her getting ready for plying next week. I left her with a drop spindle and lots of alpaca roving to play with. She also has a great wheel and as soon as she can get a small repair done we can play with it!! I've never spun on a great wheel before so it will be fun for both of us. Right now, life is good!!