Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I have created a new facebook page.  Some of you who follow my blog have got invites.  I decided since my blog doesn't get alot of traffic that I am going to use the facebook page of my farm instead and see how that works.  Seems facebook has been very popular as I use it quite a bit.  If you want to follow, the address is www.facebook.com/LivingWaterFarm.

See you there!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dyeing again

Well I tried dyeing some of my angora again.  I got a new dyeing fiber and yarn book and I just followed some instructions there-in.  They instructed to soak the yarn in a vinegar-water mix and then squeeze out the water.  Add the dye and heat.  I spot-dyed this fiber and I think it turned out just like I wanted it to.  I wanted to keep some of the grey but still have the blue.  Can't wait to spin it!  This is just a half ounce of Black Giant angora, compliments of  Jan's Giants.  I also dyed another half ounce and have it drying.  I fluffed this up to get it dryed faster.  Next post will be of the spun yarn.  Cool huh??

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pink and Blue

Here is some yarn I've been working on.  The blue is 100% Suri Alpaca.  I bought it already dyed and spun it from the lock (no carding done) and that was quite difficult.  I think that was because it had been dyed so it didn't want to draft well.  The suri I'm working on now is right off the hoof and it is drafting much better. 
the pink is 100% german angora that I dyed supposedly red.  It turned out pink, dyeing 101 gone wrong but still turned out quite pretty.  It is a varigated pink and white from where some of the angora didn't take the dye.  Still awesome!  Both these are available in my etsy store.  There is a link to get there from my blog.
No photos of new bunnies because I still just got the one.  She is doing well and is happy with her new house.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This is a pretty cool book.  Learned quite a bit of history about sheep and wool.  It pretty much states it correct, "two women, fifty sheep, and enough wool to save the planet"  The title is what got me interested in purchasing this book.  It talks about farming, the environment, livestock, wool and more.  It's a view of farming thru the eyes of women along with the ups and downs of it all.  I especially liked her journey thru the wool and yarn.  She finally got it!!  Enough said.