Friday, March 30, 2012

Spinning and things

Here is a project I was working on. I built my own skein winder. You can buy these for the babes but I can't seem to get one this small. So I made one for myself. Now I can wind my skeins into balls without having a "helper" and in this case they are few and far between at my house. It works great!


This is Autumn, my chestnut agouti German angora. She was given to me and had the summer ear when I got her. She looks like a fuzzy french lop but she isn't. These are before and after photos. I put all my angora in grocery bags to store it. She gave me a total of about 10 ozs of prime and 2 ozs of seconds and matts. She has more of a blue undercolor but has black tipping and some shades of brown in her fiber. But not much brown.

She's quite a pretty girl.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lots of changes....

Well I guess it's time for me to update this blog! Poor neglected blog. I have had a lot of changes in my life this winter. They all happened so fast, it seems one right after the other. First my daughter moved out of the house. She decided to move in with a friend and help share the rent and so on. So I became an empty-nester. That first weekend was hard and so was cleaning out her room of all the things she left and didn't take with her. Then three months later my husband loses his job. Pretty scary but we were able to get unemployment and that helped. Then I find out that I am going to lose my job! My facility closed down and they had no where for me to go. I ended up with two parttime jobs. Also my daughter informed me that she was going to move to NC to be with her new marine boyfriend. All I can say is "when things hit rock bottom, the only place left to go is up!" So up we go and the Lord provided, my husband lands a great job as a welder. Then another problem, I lose one of my parttime jobs after just two weeks of working in it. Just wasn't a good fit, they said. So I was upset and my husband said maybe this is the Lord saying he doesn't want you there anymore. So my career as a phlebotomist has come to an end. But now I have more time and I am enjoying myself. I still work parttime and learned how to be a DCA (direct care aide) for a assisted living facility. Pay isn't the same but that gets better too. Since my daughter started college, we ended up getting a tax break on that and when we filed our taxes we got a really nice refund! So all the bills that we were able to pay in full we did, my husband bought a motorcycle to help on gas expenses, and since I don't work as much I do not have to pay so much for gas either. We can afford for me to work parttime and him fulltime with overtime and make it quite comfortably to say the least. My husband is also home every night as opposed to being gone for two weeks at a time driving a tractor trailer. I have time to spend with him and also to be able to play with my horses and do things I was too tired to do when I got home from work. I can keep my house sparkling clean and even catch up on all that spinning I need to do. My daughter is doing well and has a fulltime job (in NC) and is also taking classes online at Liberty University. I also can keep up better with my etsy store so look for more to be put on there. All in all I can say we are doing better than we have in the past few years.