Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Don't stop believing!


Been a while, but I have been doing an in-depth study on Joyce Meyer's book "Power Thoughts" and I am going to post messages about what I learn and how I am applying them to my daily life. The first PT is "I can do whatever I need to do in life through Christ" so the first question would be do you believe you can do whatever you need to do in life??? Really, do you believe?? I got hit hard with this by the Lord last Thursday when I had a so-called "crisis". Did I believe?? I had been reading the chapter all week and meditating on it and then the car had a problem and what turned out to be a little problem, we complicated it trying to fix it ourselves. Then it became an "expensive" repair. When I got the price that it had cost, I had a serious "pity party", ever have one of those? Did I say I can do whatever I need to do in life through Christ?? No. I didn't believe. Then God sent the blessing he had planned all along, my dad paid for just about all of the repair bill and all I had to pay was $90! God is good! The bill was $400 and we also had to buy $100 in parts.

As I sat thinking about this on Friday I had asked myself what happened?? And the Lord said "You didn't believe it." So I have been on a serious study as to why I believe some scripture and why I seem not to believe others the same way. I read them and understand them but that doesn't mean I believe them. Interesting.... Joyce Meyer has several things I pulled out of her book after this had happened. It seemed that I was reading the chapter for the first time. First one I saw was we are partners with God. We cannot do his part and He will not do our part. He wants us to believe and take action on His direction and leading, but He insists that we trust Him every step of the way. Next is we can easily deceive ourselves into thinking we have great faith but if we are easily defeated by challenges, then perhaps our faith is not as great as we thought it was. (that one hit hard) Next is did I want to be able to meet all challenges head-on and overcome them? Then I have to get mentally prepared for whatever comes. Colossians 3:2 says "set your mind and keep it set." You need to have your mind renewed and set on the Word. This trial will work out for your good! John 15:5 says apart from Jesus you can do nothing.

This would also mean I didn't believe the Lord would provide. I think I am going to learn alot from this study. 1 Corinthians 10:13 says God provides a way out , and it also says that He gives us strength to bear up under our challenge patiently. That means we can go thru it with a good attitude! You attitude is actually more important than your challenges in life. God is looking to see if you are going to stand on His Word. It is your choice! He gave you the help you needed, now you have to choose that path. Don't make excuses, stop looking at all your weaknesses. God actually chooses people on purpose who absolutely cannot do what He is asking them to do unless they allow Him to do it through them.

I seem to have a hard time trusting God, trusting God requires that we believe He gives us our "daily bread." In other words, we receive what we need as we need it and usually not before. I have seen this happen in my life so many times and yet I still "whine" when everything seems to be going wrong. As I thought about my lack of belief, a scripture came to mind about the man whose son was possessed by a demon and the disciples couldn't cast it out. Jesus came along and said "you have little faith, just believe" and the boy's father said "I do believe, help my unbelief!" That's how I am praying right now, I do believe, help my unbelief! Adults seem to complicate things so much. Kids believe so much easier. I think that's why Jesus said you must be like a little child. You would believe so much faster and hold onto it. Like I said some scripture I believe without a shadow of a doubt and some scripture I say I believe but I do not seem to at all.

I will leave you with some Power Pack scripture, Philippians 4:13, Romans 8:37, Hebrews 12:2


Saturday, May 21, 2011

I got a Cow Share!

Yes, I bought a piece of a cow. A registered Jersey milk cow. So now for a small boarding fee I get to have fresh milk from my cow! And I don't even have to milk it. I am going to try my hand at making butter this week. I ended up with almost a quart of cream so we shall see what happens. I have already tasted the milk at a friend's house last week and I had no problems with it. I got a tour of the lady's farm and she also has goats she milks for cheese and soap. Fresh eggs and veggies. She sells everything from the farm. It was great. She thought it was cool that I handspun. I get 1 gallon of milk a week but that will be with about a quart of cream so all in all it is 3 quarts of milk. But I have been drinking a glass of milk a day because I do not drink coffee, tea, or soda. Just milk, water and juice. I have not had a headache in almost a month since I cut way back on my sugar intake. I eat no refined sugar unless it's in food. I feel lots better and the only headaches I seem to get now are feminine related. I love milk!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lots to Do

I finally finished spinning my angora yarn this weekend. It is a three ply skein and about 148 yds. Haven't weighed it yet. I want to start crocheting those wrist warmers, maybe this weekend. I also want to go riding, the farrier will be out tomorrow for the pedicures. Sadarian get his shoes reset. The vet was out last week for coggins and shots. Angel went to the vet yesterday since her allergies are acting up. She has to be on prednezone or she gets infections from scratching herself silly. I also finished plying two other skeins of yarn and started spinning some more. I am crocheting another shrug out of black alpaca. It will be big enough to fit me this time. I hope to be able to offer it for sale soon. I will hopefully be attending the Orchardside Berry Festival on July 30th this year and have some different things to sell. I guess I need to buy another camera or get some software for my phone's camera. Not having photos stinks! Amanda is coming up on the end of her senior year. Prom is this weekend and her dress should be ready before the end of the week. Alterations... Amanda's last day of school is May 31st and graduation is June 11th. Birthday party weekend after graduation. College starts in August. Way too much to do!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Rainy day

Well it's Good Friday. Nice day to be raining but still a good day nonetheless. I am headed out this afternoon for an alpaca shearing. It's at a farm in Raphine, VA which I am very fond of. One of my handspun skeins that took first place in the Handmades Derby was from this farm. This weekend is to celebrate the King of Kings. How he gave his life for all so we have the opportunity to be reconciled to the Father.
I am picking up another rabbit this weekend. Autumn is coming back to live with us. I hope to have quite a bit of agouti fiber to play with. As soon as I can get her sheared I will be putting some of the fiber in my etsy store. I am still spinning the white that I need to get finished so I can start on my next crochet project. Wrist warmers!! I wish my white angora would sell, so far nobody has wanted to buy it. I can sell the yarn faster than the fiber it seems! I am just so slow at making the yarn. Next weekend is the date of my spinning class. I have a new class of drop spindle spinners to teach. I will try to post photos if I can get some taken!!
Have a Great Easter everyone!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Well here I am again. No photos this time but I have been diggin' information on the web. Last weekend I attended a seminar with a nutritionist. Found out lots of good stuff. I have since enbarked on a "new diet journey" and hope to live to tell about it. Now anybody that has seen me will wonder why I'm on a diet since I'm so small. I have revamped my eating habits so to speak and am trying to eat more healthy. The other thing people who know me will say is "how do you eat all that "junk" and stay so small??" I suppose I can give that to a high metabolism. But I have learned that you can look thin and still be unhealthy. Hence my journey begins with the nutritionist. I have very frequent headaches, like two a week, and when letting this out the nutritionist says "you need a liver detox". So in researching about the liver I found out quite a few amazing things... Excess amounts of sugar turns to alcohol in your liver. With me being a sugar junkie well that got me motivated. No more refined sugar! That means no more coffee. This is day three and I have no headache today. I still will be on a roller coaster with withdrawl symptoms but they will go away soon. Then I hope to have no more headaches ever!! I also found out that the liver is an amazing organ. It pretty much detoxifies lots of thing from your body. Stuff you put in it and stuff you breathe in.
I am very bad about not drinking water and I probably stay dehydrated alot of the time. Caffeine is a diuretic and will cause you to "pee" more than you should. That means no more coffee, soda, energy drinks, etc. and I need to drink more water! I have amazed myself with actually sticking to this plan. I am drinking some fruit juice also. No tea unless it has no sugar in it because I tend to overdo it. I can have honey but in moderation as well, it is a sugar just not a refined sugar. I also am taking a herbal tonic to help clean out my liver and gall bladder.You have to use a milk thistle combo or a liver tonic that has some beneficial herbs in it. Can't hurt. I'll let you know how I'm doing in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New things

OK, so here I am to post after so long without. Amanda lost my camera somewhere so no photos unless she takes them with her phone. I have not yet made a flyer to attempt to sell Simi but will do that this week. It looks like my husband does not want to take him to the sale this weekend either. Last month I spun up a skein of black alpaca to enter in a fiber arts show. I also crocheted a shrug out of suri and huacaya alpaca to enter as well. Out of the three articles I entered I ended up with two first places and a third place. The shrug also got Best in Show. I was quite satisfied with myself. I have given away my French angora rabbit to Elizabeth because she decided not to grow her coat back. I really wanted that coat! I will be getting another rabbit to replace her. Mirage passed away the other day but I expected it with her problems. She had a good life and was in good spirits that evening. So I am down to one rabbit but hopefully will be getting another. I would like to get another rabbit but my husband can't wait for the one I got left to leave. I'm still thinking about it and it might be better to just buy the wool but why????
I am spinning some white angora with plans to crochet wrist warmers. I wish to write an article for the UARC newsletter on the healing properties of angora wool for arthritis, tendonitis, and carpel tunnel. Should be interesting. The horses got out the other day and I had fun trying to get them back in the field. Trying to move them where they don't want to go is a challenge. Couldn't catch them either! Brushed all the horses for it is sheading season! Simi seems to leave puffs of white hair everywhere but since the rain he is now brown! I really want to get him in a new home because Daisy is pig and won't let him get enough to eat. So basically that's about it. Oh I also have been working on trying to plant a garden. Lots of fun!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Been a while....

Well It sure has been a bit since I posted. I actually updated Parelli Connect before this blog. We got around to playing with the ponies and I got quite a bit done with Simi. I still haven't checked off the whole list but got a good bit of it. We also saddled and rode him again. (4th time) Wish it wasn't so muddy, the horses slip too much to even walk around. Simi did real good, hasn't bucked once. He is a bit pushy with his shoulders when playing some ground games. Need to work on that. It has been quite nice weather wise, we just got rain. I got started clipping bunnies and Carmela and Soncee are done. Carmela's coat was shot and I maybe got an ounce off her, the rest was matted. (soft coats are awful) Soncee yielded about 9 ozs total. 7 ozs of that was prime. Next it's Mirage, don't know what she will give this go round. Found a ride to NC for her this month. Been Knitting dishcloths and dong some spinning. Need to upload some more photos to my etsy store. That's about it this time.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Real Cold!

I do not like the cold! I have had to break ice on water troughs and buckets for way too long! I finally invested in some floating tank heaters for the water tubs and some heated water buckets for the barn. That makes life and watering a whole lot easier! It also has helped the horses drink alot more water in winter. I wish I had done this 5 years ago! Amanda decided not to sell her pony and wants to take her to college with her. She is researching boarding barns and found some nice ones at half the cost of the ones around here. Yes, Amanda got accepted to Liberty University and starts college in the fall. Cimmeron is still for sale and I want to get him started as soon as the weather warms a bit. Whatever price he brings will pay for hay this coming winter or we will be able to build the shed. Haven't been to motivated to play with any of the horses. I did get some grooming time in the other day and the boys appreciated it very much. I just don't want to stay outside! I have been organizing and cleaning and also got in some knitting last night. Got some photos taken to post some new items on my etsy store. (first need to download them to the computer) My dad gave me a flat screen monitor for my home computer and now I can listen to music while I work in the back room. Got to get him to help me hook it up to the internet, I have forgotten how. We had a real nice holiday and got to spend time with friends. Looking forward to warmer weather!!!