Friday, October 29, 2010

What are you thinking about???

Well, what are you thinking about? Have you ever thought about what you are thinking about?? After reading a chapter in Joyce Meyer's book I started thinking. Yes, about what it is that goes thru my mind. Mark 4:24 says to be careful what we think. What we think about most is what we put the most time into. The word "meditate" means to reflect on, ponder, plan or intend in the mind. Worry is a form of meditation. It is a negative way of thinking. Did you know that what you think eventually comes out your mouth??? You speak what you believe. So if you believe negative things, that is what you think about and then you talk about them. Mostly what you speak comes to pass. So why think on those things when you can think about better and positive things?? Words are powerful. Sometimes very powerful! You can use words to hurt or to heal. But these things start in the mind. You can change your way of thinking but it takes discipline. The Lord says it's good to change your thinking to what he thinks about. Have you ever thought about what the Lord thinks about?? He actually asks you to in Romans 12:2.

When people read their bibles, some things sink in but for the most part lots don't. That's why God tells us to meditate on his Word. When you need it the Holy Spirit can bring it to your memory. Have you ever had that happen?? When you are in a discussion with someone and you don't know what to say? Sometimes you get a scripture in your head. In your mind. Most of the time for me it's after the person's left and then I get what I could have told them. I usually get back with them and share. The only way your can get these scriptures to come to the front of your mind is if you have been reading and meditating on what you read. It is written that the Holy Spirit will only tell you what he knows and that is whatever is in God's Word.

So I leave you with this... What are you thinking about? Phil 4:8 tells us what kind of things we should be thinking. A lot of things fit into these. Think on these things.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back from SAFF

What a good time we had. I worked my butt off too!! Sherri sold 18 of the 21 rabbits she took to SAFF on Friday. Sherri breeds English and French angoras and always sells out at this show. We thought one was coming back with us but at the last minute he sold. She also sells yarn, fiber, knitted items and other things. I got a little time each day to look around but I still didn't see everything. I come home with a book and a magazine, some needle felting fiber in the colors I wanted, and some mohair to go with the carding combs I bought. I got a book on spinning novelty yarns and it also shows you how to blend different colors of fiber. I finished spinning and plying the suri alpaca last nite and started on the blue corriedale roving I have had for a while. I am going to try to create one of the novelty yarns I saw. Blue corriedale and grey mohair, just as an experiment to see if I can do it. I still need to get some carding done on Comet's fleece (alpaca) and I got more instruction on how to card better. I also came back from SAFF with another rabbit but Mirage will be going to a new home. She was taken in trade for my new red french angora doe. I will post some photos soon!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On my way to SAFF!

Well at least tomorrow I will be. I can't play with my horse as of today because of "m.u.d." He wants to play so bad, last nite he watched me pluck the wool off my French angora rabbit. Don't worry it doesn't hurt, she was ready to get rid of it as it comes right off like a dog shedding. I got close to three ounces. She feels better. I just got another inspiration for a fiber picture! I'll post it as soon as I can get it done. (which might be awhile knowing me) I rejoined the Parelli savvy club today. I decided this could get me motivated to get my Levels auditions completed. I will get some fiber to "paint" with at SAFF. I have two pictures now to get to work on among alot of fiber to get spun up and fleeces to card so I can spin that! I told myself I would not buy anymore spinning fiber till I got most of what I have spun into yarn. That'll probably take forever.... but it is so tempting!!! I hope that people will buy the yarn that I put on That will help.

Monday, October 18, 2010

New thing!

Hi all!!

I had hoped to get to play with my horse on Sunday and I did a little bit. After Amanda helped me move the rabbits to the barn, I had to get them all squared away with little things. Both horses were interested in the moving process. I had to take some carrots to the rabbits and naturally the horses got some too. Well as I was on my way to the house, Seven decided I had to have some more carrots on me somewhere and he followed me to the gate. I decided that we could make a game out of it. I got him over to the pedestal and asked him to get on it. (this is at liberty, I had no halter on him) I ended up with him with his front feet on the pedestal!! I also got hindquarter yields and draw back to me. Seven gets on the pedestal when I am playing on line but I have never got him to do it at liberty. He always thinks it's boring or I drive him too much. This time I must have balanced my drive and draw. How interesting!!! I also had no food on me what so ever so all I could do was "be pleased" and scratch him lots! Once Seven gets something he gets it so he kept offering to get on the pedestal! So cool!! I really had an interactive time with him and it was quality time at that. What an awesome evening!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Horse Show Day

Today Amanda, my daughter had her last horse show of the season. She is an eventer and had a great time at this small event at Sunrise Stables. No, I didn't get any pictures (forgot the camera) but she did very well and actually improved since she was there at the beginning of the summer. Her pony Daisy, is not great in the dressage part of the event but she loves to jump and did great at those two portions. For those not knowing what I'm talking about the event has three phases, a dressage test, a stadium jumping round and a cross country round. Amanda loves to jump so her dressage has to improve if she wants to place higher. She got grouped with the adults this time because of her age I guess but she placed third today. She was happy with what she accomplished and that's all that matters. She also had fun!
I have yet to get together with Seven or Simi and do any playing!! I really need to do something and I hope it will be tomorrow. We had to get car repairs done today besides go to the horse show so it was a time consuming day. I need to get Seven into playing the Porcupine game better to pass my Level 1 because he isn't good enough for it to be a pattern yet. This is a very important game for us as it makes him alot safer to be around with ropes dragging the ground! I want to get some photos of my playtimes with him and Simi to post on the blog. Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happenings at Living Water Farm

Well alot has happened at our farm since I last posted. Simi, the white pony got gelded and now he is out with Amanda's pony Daisy. Daisy had to come home due to Amanda changing jobs. She is doing pretty well now and even better since Simi moved in with her. Amanda is still going to a few shows and we are to get Simi started on being a riding pony. He has had the saddle on once and did very well. Sadarian and Seven are now buds again. I haven't ridden all summer and hope to get on with it as it gets cooler. I am going to start working toward my Parelli Levels achievements and can pass Level 1 right now. As soon as I can get some help I will get it taped and on youtube to be submitted to Parelli. As soon as I get my Savvy Club membership started again. I now only have 4 rabbits with one going to SAFF in a few weeks to be sold. I will try to post my day to day happenings on my Parelli journey and some spinning things as well. Right now I'm spinning some suri alpaca to send to Leslie in Meadows of Dan. (as soon as her store is reopened) I also opened up an etsy store and I might post it on there. If you want to check it out you can go to

Photos at Broadview

I told you I would post some photos so here are a few. The first is sunrise at Broadview. I had to be there at 7:30 am to get horses in and feed. I was to keep the barn organized and running smooth. The second photo is group time to get ready for a specific task. Third is Deb and her horse Spur, who was a beautiful buckskin, he was very unconfident at first but got so much better by the end of the clinic. She is working on circles on the 22. Last is a photo of one of my favorite people, Lanier on his black mare Missy. Also a closer photo of Spur and Deb. Usually Lanier rides Western but this time he rode English. Interesting... Everybody had a real good time and learned quite a bit. That includes me!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bloggin' at Broadview Ranch

Hi all!!

Back to blogging. Ain'tcha just excited!!! I am at a Carol Coppinger retreat at Broadview Ranch. I'm not riding in it, it's a Level 4 retreat but since I'm helping I get to listen in and have my own private auditing sessions. I also get to ask lots of questions. Carol Coppinger is a 5 star premier instructor and she is amazing! I also love all the people that attend the retreat. Watching the liberty sessions is great. To see the horses finding their humans with 9 other horses and humans in the same field, Wow! I have a few photos and I will post them in the next post. (I forgot my camera usb line) I've learned about draw and about ground driving. Also about zone 3 driving and about snappy attitude. Right now I'm watching carrot stick riding with the circling game. Almost time for lunch and then back out for some more riding!!!