Saturday, May 21, 2011

I got a Cow Share!

Yes, I bought a piece of a cow. A registered Jersey milk cow. So now for a small boarding fee I get to have fresh milk from my cow! And I don't even have to milk it. I am going to try my hand at making butter this week. I ended up with almost a quart of cream so we shall see what happens. I have already tasted the milk at a friend's house last week and I had no problems with it. I got a tour of the lady's farm and she also has goats she milks for cheese and soap. Fresh eggs and veggies. She sells everything from the farm. It was great. She thought it was cool that I handspun. I get 1 gallon of milk a week but that will be with about a quart of cream so all in all it is 3 quarts of milk. But I have been drinking a glass of milk a day because I do not drink coffee, tea, or soda. Just milk, water and juice. I have not had a headache in almost a month since I cut way back on my sugar intake. I eat no refined sugar unless it's in food. I feel lots better and the only headaches I seem to get now are feminine related. I love milk!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lots to Do

I finally finished spinning my angora yarn this weekend. It is a three ply skein and about 148 yds. Haven't weighed it yet. I want to start crocheting those wrist warmers, maybe this weekend. I also want to go riding, the farrier will be out tomorrow for the pedicures. Sadarian get his shoes reset. The vet was out last week for coggins and shots. Angel went to the vet yesterday since her allergies are acting up. She has to be on prednezone or she gets infections from scratching herself silly. I also finished plying two other skeins of yarn and started spinning some more. I am crocheting another shrug out of black alpaca. It will be big enough to fit me this time. I hope to be able to offer it for sale soon. I will hopefully be attending the Orchardside Berry Festival on July 30th this year and have some different things to sell. I guess I need to buy another camera or get some software for my phone's camera. Not having photos stinks! Amanda is coming up on the end of her senior year. Prom is this weekend and her dress should be ready before the end of the week. Alterations... Amanda's last day of school is May 31st and graduation is June 11th. Birthday party weekend after graduation. College starts in August. Way too much to do!!