Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Real Cold!

I do not like the cold! I have had to break ice on water troughs and buckets for way too long! I finally invested in some floating tank heaters for the water tubs and some heated water buckets for the barn. That makes life and watering a whole lot easier! It also has helped the horses drink alot more water in winter. I wish I had done this 5 years ago! Amanda decided not to sell her pony and wants to take her to college with her. She is researching boarding barns and found some nice ones at half the cost of the ones around here. Yes, Amanda got accepted to Liberty University and starts college in the fall. Cimmeron is still for sale and I want to get him started as soon as the weather warms a bit. Whatever price he brings will pay for hay this coming winter or we will be able to build the shed. Haven't been to motivated to play with any of the horses. I did get some grooming time in the other day and the boys appreciated it very much. I just don't want to stay outside! I have been organizing and cleaning and also got in some knitting last night. Got some photos taken to post some new items on my etsy store. (first need to download them to the computer) My dad gave me a flat screen monitor for my home computer and now I can listen to music while I work in the back room. Got to get him to help me hook it up to the internet, I have forgotten how. We had a real nice holiday and got to spend time with friends. Looking forward to warmer weather!!!