Friday, March 19, 2010

It got Warm!!!

Well, finally I got a good warm week and you know I did nothing but brush the horses! Last week Amanda and I decided to see what Simi would do if we put some weight on him. Amanda being the lighter and having the most game got to lay over his back. I brushed him first and then we started out by jumping up and down next to him. It progressed to laying on him for a few seconds to a minute. We did both sides and he was quite cool about it and just turned his head to sniff Amanda as to say "how did you get over here??" I measured all the horses last Sat and Simi measured at 13 hh. He will be two in April and is quite a nice looking boy. Still got to get him gelded though. He is quite good natured but we also have no mares. Simi is quite the cuddle bug too. Sadarian measured at 14.2 hh and Seven measured at 15 hh. We think they are actually taller. (I don't really trust the measurement tape) I need to buy a measuring stick or make one so I can get an acurate height. I finally found the camera and want to get photos up stat!!

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