Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pink and Blue

Here is some yarn I've been working on.  The blue is 100% Suri Alpaca.  I bought it already dyed and spun it from the lock (no carding done) and that was quite difficult.  I think that was because it had been dyed so it didn't want to draft well.  The suri I'm working on now is right off the hoof and it is drafting much better. 
the pink is 100% german angora that I dyed supposedly red.  It turned out pink, dyeing 101 gone wrong but still turned out quite pretty.  It is a varigated pink and white from where some of the angora didn't take the dye.  Still awesome!  Both these are available in my etsy store.  There is a link to get there from my blog.
No photos of new bunnies because I still just got the one.  She is doing well and is happy with her new house.


  1. My red is always pink as well I have tried a couple time with no luck.