Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I had posed some questions to a longtime pastor and good friend/mentor and he answered back in such an encouraging way. It just made me tear up!! I had asked him about Discipleship and what it took to be a good disciple for the Lord. I was concerned about how Cowboy Church was in such a hurry and wanted me to just go everywhere and be totally committed to the ministry. It also seemed to be at the expense of something else like jobs and important things. I did what I could but it also seemed there was more I needed to do. I also had problems with doing these things without my husband involved since we are in the ministry together. I was glad and uplifted to hear that the very things that I had been wondering about with the Sr Pastor of Cowboy Church, my friend had also addressed these things with him. To push people to try to accept a vision you have and do it the very way you ought to think it should be done just isn't going to work! Also giving up on people way too soon and moving on to others just isn't right either. Where's the love in that I ask you?? Some things are gradually done and when God says you are ready to go up a level you move up.

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