Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day to Day

Well as happy as I am to have Seven doing well I also have other things not so great to think about. Steve does not have a job and so we are living off of my income right now. I have been selling things I don't need to create some income to help out. It has at least been working pretty well. I finally sold a rabbit I need to move out, and I had hoped that I had another one sold but it turns out that isn't what happened. The people some of my friends were in contact with can't be reached. They maybe had something happen. I will advertise her on some of the groups and try to take her with me to SAFF the end of the month. Steve has a few ideas as of now to get some income flowing and we have to enlist the help of a friend to get started. They have both worked on building flatscreen boxes for Cowboy Church and we had the idea to build tack boxes and bit boxes and sell them. The local tack shop has agreed to showcase the items for us to help us get started. He is hoping to get together with Larry this weekend and maybe build one to get going and be able to buy some tools to be able to build them at home. Once they get one complete I will post a photo on here. If you are interested in the rabbit for sale she is a sable point pearl Giant/French cross angora. Her photo is the one you see at the top of my blog. Asking $85 with pedigree and $50 without pedigree. She is 10 months old but has never been bred. Her fiber output is good. Email me if you are interested in her and I can deliver her at SAFF.

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  1. Hope things are going OK! I didn't get to go to SAFF...hope you enjoyed it!