Monday, October 5, 2009

Harry Whitney

Well I have a lot to put into words! Harry Whitney. What a nice guy!! Made me feel right at home and so did Ronnie Moyer! A great time of fellowship, meeting new people and sharing thoughts!! Ronnie did a great job of combining one's walk with the Lord to one's walk with the horse. Great analogies to how the horse thinks the way he does just not as extravagant as the human. The biggest thing I ended up with was the way we want our horses to be with us is the same way God wants us to be with him. I had a dream on Sunday morning about that and it changed my perspective. I was confused about it and God straightened it right out. Horses do not have bad motives about people, they either are thinking about you or they are not! You just have to figure out the way to keep them thinking more on you and less about other things. It doesn't mean that their minds can't wander but when it does do you know how to get it back?? God explained it to me as "a safe place". God is my safe place. So you should be your horse's safe place. He should look to you for wisdom and guidance just as you should look to God for those things. Now in either case it doesn't happen all the time does it?? You aren't always hooked up to God and your horse isn't always hooked up to you. Even though you can take God with you, do you make choices that he wants you to make?? Your horse is the same way. he makes choices that you either like or dislike. When you make a wrong chioce there are consequences to what you chose, especially if it isn't good. Same with the horse, he has to face the consequences of his choices. Soon both learn to make better choices. Since I was just there for Saturday I missed out on the beginnings but got to see the endings. Everybody turned out alright. Got to meet Eden and that was great!! Hi Eden!!!

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  1. Hi Terri!! Haha, great post, I'm so glad you both came and learned so much!!