Monday, February 7, 2011

Been a while....

Well It sure has been a bit since I posted. I actually updated Parelli Connect before this blog. We got around to playing with the ponies and I got quite a bit done with Simi. I still haven't checked off the whole list but got a good bit of it. We also saddled and rode him again. (4th time) Wish it wasn't so muddy, the horses slip too much to even walk around. Simi did real good, hasn't bucked once. He is a bit pushy with his shoulders when playing some ground games. Need to work on that. It has been quite nice weather wise, we just got rain. I got started clipping bunnies and Carmela and Soncee are done. Carmela's coat was shot and I maybe got an ounce off her, the rest was matted. (soft coats are awful) Soncee yielded about 9 ozs total. 7 ozs of that was prime. Next it's Mirage, don't know what she will give this go round. Found a ride to NC for her this month. Been Knitting dishcloths and dong some spinning. Need to upload some more photos to my etsy store. That's about it this time.


  1. Hi, you might ejoy Farmama's blog She's an avid spinner...

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