Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New things

OK, so here I am to post after so long without. Amanda lost my camera somewhere so no photos unless she takes them with her phone. I have not yet made a flyer to attempt to sell Simi but will do that this week. It looks like my husband does not want to take him to the sale this weekend either. Last month I spun up a skein of black alpaca to enter in a fiber arts show. I also crocheted a shrug out of suri and huacaya alpaca to enter as well. Out of the three articles I entered I ended up with two first places and a third place. The shrug also got Best in Show. I was quite satisfied with myself. I have given away my French angora rabbit to Elizabeth because she decided not to grow her coat back. I really wanted that coat! I will be getting another rabbit to replace her. Mirage passed away the other day but I expected it with her problems. She had a good life and was in good spirits that evening. So I am down to one rabbit but hopefully will be getting another. I would like to get another rabbit but my husband can't wait for the one I got left to leave. I'm still thinking about it and it might be better to just buy the wool but why????
I am spinning some white angora with plans to crochet wrist warmers. I wish to write an article for the UARC newsletter on the healing properties of angora wool for arthritis, tendonitis, and carpel tunnel. Should be interesting. The horses got out the other day and I had fun trying to get them back in the field. Trying to move them where they don't want to go is a challenge. Couldn't catch them either! Brushed all the horses for it is sheading season! Simi seems to leave puffs of white hair everywhere but since the rain he is now brown! I really want to get him in a new home because Daisy is pig and won't let him get enough to eat. So basically that's about it. Oh I also have been working on trying to plant a garden. Lots of fun!


  1. Sounds like you've been very busy! Congratulations on the art show wins!

  2. I really hope you will be able to write that for the UARC newsletter! I would love to have that info!!!!!

  3. I would like to test it out first but I guess I can still test it in the warm weather. Probably will write an update over the winter but I hope it works!! My wrists could use the pampering!