Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well I got started improving my natural horse playground. I got my husband to do some mowing in which he has to finish but it is good where the playground is at the moment. It's been hot here but I am going to start playing with the patterns. I have two barrels set up and a bridge, poles, small logs for the figure 8 and weave, and a pole to teach sidepassing with. Seven is not confident with the pole under him so we put one near the fence to try to help him. I will start with just a little bit of the pole and do more as he lets me know it's good. I will try to get a photo of the playground today. I am also going to put some plastic bags on the posts for the touch it game. That should be interesting for all!! Steve is also going to build a pedestal. ( don't know if that is spelled quite right but I hope you get the idea). I am looking to buy a copy of the Level 3 Refinement pack, with the VHS tapes. If I have something you want that I can trade for them that will work too. Email me if you have a copy that you want to relocate!

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