Monday, July 26, 2010

New Home for the Bunnies

Well I found a new home for 3 rabbits this weekend. I also gave away four large cages. Quinn, Selene, and Eclipse all went to live with Elizabeth who also has Autumn and the pearl doe I had. I had bred the pearl doe for her in the spring but being a new mother she didn't quite make a go of it. So I had seen her in WalMart and she asked about re-breeding the doe but at that point I had re-homed my bucks. Since I haven't been able to find anyone to breed her doe, I offered her the three does that I have. Actually she got to pick three of the six. Elizabeth decided that she would rather see how a few more rabbits worked out before she would maybe breed a doe. Smart girl!! She also told me that she has been shearing the rabbits with clippers and she can do it in a half hour. Wow!! Maybe I can see if she would shear mine for me. She has nicer clippers than I do and I just might invest in a pair. I am also hoping to find a good home for Mirage and I have someone interested, she just has to come get her. So as of right now I should have just two angoras, Soncee and Rosalie and Eyebock the Harlie and K-9 the Himmie.

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