Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bloggin' at Broadview Ranch

Hi all!!

Back to blogging. Ain'tcha just excited!!! I am at a Carol Coppinger retreat at Broadview Ranch. I'm not riding in it, it's a Level 4 retreat but since I'm helping I get to listen in and have my own private auditing sessions. I also get to ask lots of questions. Carol Coppinger is a 5 star premier instructor and she is amazing! I also love all the people that attend the retreat. Watching the liberty sessions is great. To see the horses finding their humans with 9 other horses and humans in the same field, Wow! I have a few photos and I will post them in the next post. (I forgot my camera usb line) I've learned about draw and about ground driving. Also about zone 3 driving and about snappy attitude. Right now I'm watching carrot stick riding with the circling game. Almost time for lunch and then back out for some more riding!!!

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  1. Very Exciting! Post all the details you can, I sure would love to be there.