Monday, November 22, 2010

Yarn I'm spinning

This is the Corriedale roving I was spinning. The first photo shows the single and the true color of the yarn. The second photo is the yarn plyed and is a little bit bright because of the flash. In the first photo you can see the bag of roving behind the spinning wheel. I still have enough roving for one more skein.
Weaving is hard!!! I can't seem to get the hang of it and I will probably be taking a lesson soon. I decided to knit this shawl I have a pattern for and since I can't read patterns I will have to get some help on that as well! But I am going to use the Corriedale and the Cormo/Angora I am spinning right now to create the shawl. Purple-blue and gold will go well together. You have to knit with two yarns at the same time. (fun) I have problems with some of the stitches and need to be shown how to knit them. I will get some photos of the Cormo/Angora yarn and post those tomorrow. I am also spinning some giant angora on my drop spindle which I have an order for. I can do that while at work and I also taught my friend Norma to spin today and she is going strong. Only took her 2 minutes! Almost like she was born to do it.


  1. Awesome hobby, spinning!! I used to knit alot when I lived "up north" but gave it up when I moved to Florida. I still do quilting though and love it. I've been working on a quilt for a while now that I'm completely hand stitching. Takes considerably longer doing it by hand then using my sewing machine. Might be at it for a while yet!!

  2. Thanks! Seems like it takes over after a while. It is my wintertime thing since it is too cold for me to play with my horse right now!

  3. It is interesting that our paths cross as of now. You have a Chincoteque pony and we have mustangs. You live in Fla and I in Va where the ponies come from. I live on the opposite side of the state though! Did you get him from the sale??