Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I promised photos of the bunnies. The first one is my new French doe, Carmela. Changed from Carmel. I wanted her name to sound more feminine. She's quite a nice-bodied doe. 6 mos old, tempting not to show her but her coat is quite soft. I think she was sheared the first time and hasn't developed much guard hair yet. She only has a 2 inch staple right now so it's hard to tell what her coat is going to mature out to. Can't wait to spin some of it though!!
Second is Soncee, both photos, in the first she actually got brave enough to see what I had in my hand. Which was the camera, then the second photo after a hasty retreat. Soncee is one of my Giant crosses out of the black litter I was working on. I saved her to show to see how body types were working out. Hadn't shown her once, should because in my opinion, she has awesome type, makes weight, and has real good density. Overall a good representative of the breed, Giant Angora. She shears out at about 8 to 10 ozs every 3 mos which is why I keep her. Besides she is quite a nice tempered girl.

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