Friday, April 22, 2011

Rainy day

Well it's Good Friday. Nice day to be raining but still a good day nonetheless. I am headed out this afternoon for an alpaca shearing. It's at a farm in Raphine, VA which I am very fond of. One of my handspun skeins that took first place in the Handmades Derby was from this farm. This weekend is to celebrate the King of Kings. How he gave his life for all so we have the opportunity to be reconciled to the Father.
I am picking up another rabbit this weekend. Autumn is coming back to live with us. I hope to have quite a bit of agouti fiber to play with. As soon as I can get her sheared I will be putting some of the fiber in my etsy store. I am still spinning the white that I need to get finished so I can start on my next crochet project. Wrist warmers!! I wish my white angora would sell, so far nobody has wanted to buy it. I can sell the yarn faster than the fiber it seems! I am just so slow at making the yarn. Next weekend is the date of my spinning class. I have a new class of drop spindle spinners to teach. I will try to post photos if I can get some taken!!
Have a Great Easter everyone!!!

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