Sunday, April 22, 2012

Interesting Day

Yesterday I planned on going to Cabin Spring Farm's journey to fiberart's spring show and sheep shearing.  It was a real nice day and I made some new friends.  The farmer only has about 10 sheep so I got to see the last sheep being shorn.  Nice black cotswold cross I believe is what they told me.  She had a lovely fleece.  I am still sticking to my guns sort of.  I didn't buy anything at least there.  They had about 3 vendors and one had the most beautiful yarns and another had lovely dyed spinning batts and roving.  But I didn't buy anything.  They were letting people try spinning and carding on a drum carder so it was quite nice.  I didn't take my camera so no photos.  I ended up doing some errands and as I was getting the milk it was pouring rain. 
I also had quite a productive week, I got two alpaca fleeces sorted and ready for carding.  Unfortunately the suri fleece, I will have to wash it a bit.  She had a lot of hay in parts of her fleece and I am going to try to wash it out by hand.  I am also spinning some satin angora because I am thinking about entering a fiberarts competition in May.  It is turning out lovely and I am inspired by it's beautiful color.  I definately will post a photo of it later when it is done.  I ended up buying some more Satin angora on etsy just because I will be entering the competition and that will be one of the skeins entered.  I am also thinking of spinning the pink dyed angora I have in my etsy store and make a art skein out of it to enter.
I have a stash sale going on in my store and am offering free shipping on anything in my stash until May 31st so if you buy those items the shipping is on me!

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