Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Autumn's New Cage

This is Autumn's new cage that I got for her about a month ago.  Tractor Supply special and I can move it around if needed.  It is right outside the back door under the shade of a large tree.  Don't worry!  If it gets too hot outside I can bring her in the house.  I also have sides to protect her from the weather.  A nice cage except when windy the top blows up.  Put some hooks on it to discourage this.  Yes, the top is hinged so you can get into the entire cage. 
The pile of wood is where Autumn used to live.  The building was falling down and I am glad I got her out of it.  It didn't blow down, we pulled it down and are taking it apart to cart away to the landfill.  We have a burn ban here so we can't burn it.

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