Friday, October 29, 2010

What are you thinking about???

Well, what are you thinking about? Have you ever thought about what you are thinking about?? After reading a chapter in Joyce Meyer's book I started thinking. Yes, about what it is that goes thru my mind. Mark 4:24 says to be careful what we think. What we think about most is what we put the most time into. The word "meditate" means to reflect on, ponder, plan or intend in the mind. Worry is a form of meditation. It is a negative way of thinking. Did you know that what you think eventually comes out your mouth??? You speak what you believe. So if you believe negative things, that is what you think about and then you talk about them. Mostly what you speak comes to pass. So why think on those things when you can think about better and positive things?? Words are powerful. Sometimes very powerful! You can use words to hurt or to heal. But these things start in the mind. You can change your way of thinking but it takes discipline. The Lord says it's good to change your thinking to what he thinks about. Have you ever thought about what the Lord thinks about?? He actually asks you to in Romans 12:2.

When people read their bibles, some things sink in but for the most part lots don't. That's why God tells us to meditate on his Word. When you need it the Holy Spirit can bring it to your memory. Have you ever had that happen?? When you are in a discussion with someone and you don't know what to say? Sometimes you get a scripture in your head. In your mind. Most of the time for me it's after the person's left and then I get what I could have told them. I usually get back with them and share. The only way your can get these scriptures to come to the front of your mind is if you have been reading and meditating on what you read. It is written that the Holy Spirit will only tell you what he knows and that is whatever is in God's Word.

So I leave you with this... What are you thinking about? Phil 4:8 tells us what kind of things we should be thinking. A lot of things fit into these. Think on these things.


  1. Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habit and habits form character... So think the good ones...
    Great blog!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

  2. Exactly! I have always thought about what Pat says and can actually find it in the Bible. I think that's why I really keep diggin' Parelli!!
    Pat is just so positive!! I plan to use some of his "quotes" in my sermons someday. (with his permission of course) I wouldn't mind being the first "Parelli preacher"