Saturday, May 8, 2010


This is Eclipse. She is a 62% German cross in black and my second generation attempt at a black Giant. Was hoping to breed her to a black buck so to set the color more and boost the percentage a little bit. But be that it may have nowhere for bunnies to go and no market for meat either so that's why she's not been bred. Her sire is LW Samauri and her dam is LW Miranda who is half French. (hence the color) Sam is a REW. She has excellent not matting fiber, great crimp and density. I think I sheared 10oz of prime off her 3 mos ago. (during the cold spell) She is in the process of shearing now as I have yet to do the front of her. (that will be today) She has no white spots but some of her siblings did. She is for sale, $50 with pedigree.

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