Saturday, May 8, 2010


Soncee, yes Soncee. She is the littermate to Eclipse. I kept her to show. This girl has it all even if she is a German cross (62%) She weighs 10 + lbs, not exact on the weight but it's been a while since I weighted her. She has great body type, real solid and nice even fiber with good density. Even more so than Eclipse since REW's tend to have better density. She is about 2 1\2 yrs old. A maiden, never been bred. Non- matting coat and a decent temperment. She's not going to take your hand off or anything as she's quite shy, a scaredy-cat even. Being so nervous I'm not sure what kind of momma she'd make. For sale and yet $50 with pedigree. (you can see how shy she is, won't even give me a face shot)

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