Thursday, May 6, 2010


LW Mirage

She is a German angora with courser fiber than all my other rabbits. She has a French angora-like quality to her fiber. Good guard hair which would mean a better halo on a garment. She has a bit of a drop ear on her left. But she is a big girl weighing 12 lbs. Her temperment is that of any other doe, she is a "no touching" kind of bun. I have never shown her because of the ear, (it used to be lower, now it sticks out kinda horizontal.) I haven't bred her because of the economy and it seems that I just do not have a market for the bunnies. Everybody else seems to but not me. I will be lucky to find homes for the rabbits I have now. Her mother, LW Mystique I have shown and she was a awesome bun. Took lots of BOB's and I think she still does now. I am asking $50 for her just to at least find her a good home. She is worth more than that. Her fiber alone is worth $50 every three months.

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