Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Leadership with Cowboy Church

I have been attending our Cowboy Church for over a year now and about 2 months ago I asked to lead a bible study. Well Wednesday of last week was my first day. I did very well, we are studying the book of Romans. It should last about 7 more weeks. This past Sunday Cowboy Church held a "Leadership Conference" and it was amazing!! The conference pretty much sums up how Cowboy Church came into existance and how things are run. It gives you a "what you can expect and why". This is my third conference and this one was the best one yet! It was a little different and we had worship interspersed within the lectures. We also had breakfast, lunch and dinner. My entire family has a call of ministry and we now need to step into that call. I have been waiting patiently for the Lord to make his will known and he had done so. My family has been called to lead a new team to pastor two Cowboy churches which frees up the original team to plant more. In this new call of ministry I have to make some sacrifices, one is my rabbits all have to find new homes. I will be traveling alot and will just not have the time it takes to keep them all clipped and groomed. I am sad but God prepared my heart for this some time before. Our horses will be traveling with us if the need arises as they are a part of the ministry. The dogs will also be going and the cat can take care of herself. Our finances have reflected the cost of traveling already so we know we can do this. God has already made the provision. I will be posting photos of the bunnies and a small paragraph about them in the coming weeks. Their price will be wooler pricing, $50 each. Please keep our family in your prayers!


  1. Please explain more about "Cowboy Church" and how it differs from regular church! I've had this question in mind for a while. :-)

  2. Cowboy church is more of a laid back atmosphere. Check out the website www.cowboychurchofva.com. It has lots of links and explains bunches about us!