Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers...

As I was laying in bed this morning, I seemed to get a revelation of sorts. This scripture came to mind.....

And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, Eph 4:11-12

There is more to this verse but I was meant to dwell on this particular part. You may read it if you wish as it gives more reasons for the verse 11.

So I got to thinking, which is my favorite pastime, and I also have to discern whether this is God talking or something else. You know other things can talk to you too. So I am thinking apostles, prophets, evengelists, pastors and teachers. I then think about teachers, hummm.... I also have to have a basic understanding of these 5 offices. Apostles someone told me are "church planters" but my bible commentary says "ambassadors". Prophets are someone who hears from God about future events but it also has to line up with God's word. Prophets can also bring words of encouragement or correction. Evengelists are gospel preachers. They hold revivals to bring people into the body of Christ and if there is a calling on their life they can be identified and put to work for the cause of the ministry. Now they don't have to answer the call. Pastors are shepherds of the church with a calling to feed the sheep. (congregation) All people need to be fed "spiritual food" for their spirit to grow and mature. Pastors are the main people for this job. But teachers also feed to sheep and are more to equip believers than pastors are. Teachers are the main way believers get their equipping done. Besides people have to pray and study on their own as well. But questions and discussions are best answered by either the pastor or teacher. I think that's why this scripture links them so close together. But if you think about it a bit all these offices need to have an extensive knowledge of the Word of God hence they go to bible college. Pastors and teachers even more so since they are the ones who have more contact with people on a daily basis. So the question that I was having answered is are teachers actually classified as pastors as well. Since most pastors are teachers and teachers can aspire to be pastors. Are they one in the same???? Is it the same role??? Now I've heard some pastors preach messages that have had no teaching in it whatsoever "for me". Their message might have spoke to someone else that needed to hear it just not me. So in the verse it says "some pastors and teachers" like it links these two together so as I would see it pastors are teachers and teachers are pastors so that would mean pastors are the only ones who should teach. And this brings us to the real issue of the message, can this role be filled by a woman???? But the question is answered that pastors are teachers and if you have a calling of a teacher then you are called as a pastor as well or serve in a pastoral role. What an interesting observation!!! But on the other hand is an overseer and a pastor the same??? It seems so but then the job description of an overseer seem to differ from a pastor. In 1 Timothy, it says of elders that there are the ones who oversee the church and others that "labor in the Word and doctrine." So you can be an elder and not preach or teach. Because this verse refers to "double honor" as one who rules well and preaches/teaches. (1 Tim 5:17) So can a pastor run the church and have someone else preach and teach?? Haven't seen this. I think my brain is about puzzled out so I will continue this thread another day and maybe get more on this later. (if I am confused then by all means feel free to fix it)


  1. I have always been taught that a woman is not have dominion over a man. The man should be the head of the household. No that does not mean that a woman is to be a mans slave at all. Christ teaches a man should love his wife even as Christ has loved the Church and gave his life for it. I see nothing wrong with woman teaching in Church but I dont think God ment for a woman to lead the Church. I know the bible says a preacher should be a husband of one woman and not the other way around. I dont think a teacher and a preacher would be the same thing at all. Preachers are in charge of the hole Church even over the teachers. Teachers usually have a small class the give a lesson to which is not take the place of the Church service. I have really been enjoying your blog and hope you keep sharing your faith and are open for discussion.

  2. Thanks Dustin!! I believe the same way as a woman can teach but not lead a church even though other people say differently. I was not called to pastor but in the light of the verse it seems to say what I just explained. I know of several women pastors but they do not lead "shepherd" a church. But some believe a woman can't teach even men in a bible study. I do not agree with that. I do believe if a woman had the same schooling as a man in bible college that if she wanted the title pastor she can have that. but you don't have to seek it. I can have the same education and not seek the title. It makes no nevermind to me. Keep on reading, I got another good one coming about the believer and their privledges in Christ that should put a spin on even this.