Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back to Cowboy Church

Well it's been about a month since I last got to attend a Cowboy Church service. I've been through alot and I have been up and down on a roller coaster of emotions and obstacles, but I've learned alot too. God has been revealing his word to me as of late. First thing I really need to do is stop depending on my feelings so much. Unfortunately I have no idea how to go about it. I will have to really work on it and recognize when I'm doing it.
What I have learned the past few days is about submission. First I had to really figure out what it was. I learned first off it is voluntary, that I do not have to submit if I so choose not to. There are always consequences for every decision you make. And I mean every decision you make whether you make decisions for God or not. I also learned that certain requirements have to be met. Another big thing I learned was that I needed to submit to God first. I had it backwards and in submitting to my husband first I was not putting God first. There is nothing quite like the turmoil you can put yourself thru by having to choose to do what God has asked and having to choose to disobey someone in your family that has authority. If I disobey my husband aren't I disobeying God?? Depends on what is being asked. I also learned about honor. Since it was father's day alot of what I heard was about children and parents. Eph 6:1 & 2 states that children are to obey. By honoring your parents you give them the authority in your life to give you instruction and they should trust you to carry it out. No questions asked. You do this because you love your parents and trust them to not instruct you to carry out something they would not do themselves. Obedience is something you should do out of love. Submission is the willingness to get under the mission of another. You should trust them not to ask you to do something that is immoral or wrong. Something else along these lines I learned was some people put things first in their lives they are not supposed to. The example was a child, they spoil the child and answer to it's every whim. When something other than God, demands attention and you answer it, it becomes what you worship. You "bow down" to this "power" in your life. That is idolatry even if it is your child or "husband." You now are letting them call the shots and are bound by fear. Heathen gods always ruled by fear.
This part just confirmed what I was learning from God on my own. I also learned that I need to be more guarded about certain things. I let alot of things in but I also let alot of things out. Most of the time I sort thru all the things I let in and I dismiss those things that do not line up with God's word. I've been lazy about sorting as of late. I've also been letting things out that I should have kept to myself. Since I am going thru another level of learning I am going to depend on God to confirm what I learn is the right thing and I will be applying it instead of asking others if I should or if it is right. God is growing my patience in waiting on him and in trusting him alot more than I have been. That means I will not be asking Steve much about God's word because we don't agree on to much of it right now. I will pray God sends someone else to discuss these things with him.


  1. Sometimes I have a hard time with getting things in the right order and God seems to fall to second place. Its hard for me to prioritize (sp?) everything the right way. I am the only member in my house hold that goes to church, now my parents believe in God but niether are "practicing Christians". So when they get started doing things outside like working in the garden I feel bad for going to church and sitting in an ac room hearing the word so I end up staying home and helping them. Although if I put God first I should not worry about what they are doing and go to church like I am suppose to. Sometime life is just not very easy I guess. I am happy you were able to make it back to Cowboy Church!

  2. Your parents choices are their own. You have to make your own choices. Everyone will be held accountable for the choices they make. Put God first and other things will be added to you. Who knows, by your example you might get you parents going with you!

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