Saturday, October 16, 2010

Horse Show Day

Today Amanda, my daughter had her last horse show of the season. She is an eventer and had a great time at this small event at Sunrise Stables. No, I didn't get any pictures (forgot the camera) but she did very well and actually improved since she was there at the beginning of the summer. Her pony Daisy, is not great in the dressage part of the event but she loves to jump and did great at those two portions. For those not knowing what I'm talking about the event has three phases, a dressage test, a stadium jumping round and a cross country round. Amanda loves to jump so her dressage has to improve if she wants to place higher. She got grouped with the adults this time because of her age I guess but she placed third today. She was happy with what she accomplished and that's all that matters. She also had fun!
I have yet to get together with Seven or Simi and do any playing!! I really need to do something and I hope it will be tomorrow. We had to get car repairs done today besides go to the horse show so it was a time consuming day. I need to get Seven into playing the Porcupine game better to pass my Level 1 because he isn't good enough for it to be a pattern yet. This is a very important game for us as it makes him alot safer to be around with ropes dragging the ground! I want to get some photos of my playtimes with him and Simi to post on the blog. Wish me luck!!!

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